Alchemystical Marriage

I have received requests for a less mundane look at this subject.  The so called mundane aspects of Alchemical Marriage are no small matter, involving justice and temperance as applied not only to gender conflict in society and in relationships but also within the individual psyche.

Many a master is laid low by failing at this experiment.  Consider the great alchemist and alleged Rosicrucian Thomas Vaughn.  While his sorer, his sister in the great work, lay dying, Vaughn neurotically chased after the consummation of the great work with ever greater intensity. In the notes he jotted down, published by A.E. Waite, Vaughn at first declares that the grief of so great an impending loss was fuel for his efforts, but over time he shared the depth of sorrow and the tragedy of denial he felt keenly.  He had allowed abstraction to draw him into an escapist grand effort, and he missed the real moment of transformation, a moment that haunted him the rest of his melancholy life.  His notes end with bereft confessions of his yearning for her, his regrets, and a detailed, heartbreakingly fond list of every possession of hers still remaining to him.

From the early serpent power speculations of the polyglots who thought every religion reducible to sexual symbolism, through Woodruffe’s studies of kundalini, to Freud’s theory of the sublimation of libido, and Reich’s theory that fascism was born in the denial of orgasm, the power of sexual experience is no secret.  Books have been written to ostensibly teach any couple the rite of sacred sexuality.  The infamous sex magick secrets of The Golden Dawn and O.T.O. are neither infamous nor secret anymore.

I would never publish esoteric secrets, nor would I teach them.  In no way is this a judgement on those who have and do, their path is not mine.  But here are some simple notes.

Both genders exist within everything including every human being. Therefore the female and male experiences, however defined, can be enjoyed by either gender without detriment to the practice.

It requires courage and devoted determination to work through the fertile peaks and fallow shallows of sexual experience.  The only compass is that balance between a surrender to complacency on one hand and addiction to adventure on the other.  But every path, and every physical and psychological constitution, is unique.

Visualize the world as the play of a primal God and Goddess.  The God creates the glorious universe as a gift of adoration for the Goddess.  The Goddess breathes life and consciousness into it so she can explore every wondrous corner.  This meditation can be applied to many situations.  When you water your garden at dawn or dusk, as you breathe in the oxygen exhaled by the plants, their leaves softly scraping your face as you fill the soil with water, the grace and bliss of that primal play can be felt.

Healing and regeneration flow naturally from the gift of mutual adoration.

The soul in a body, chakras open in lotus asana; the body in a car rolling down a highway headlights penetrating the night; every experience of existence is charged with an erotic magnetism, the very fact of being.

The ecstasy of Ramakrishna drunk with Kali, the divine intoxication of saints and mystics, the lurid pleasures of modern society, the bliss of artistic creation, are the glowing facets of a single stone.