EU Economy Astrology Aspects

I offer this look at EU astrological transits with the warning that astrologers usually overreact to stellar influence.  Sometimes the most dramatically intimidating aspects become symbolized by small events.  No one can predict how the sum total of all our intentions and efforts will combine to make up our next collective moment in time.

The confusion surrounding the EU is well symbolized by the need to choose which chart to use.  Some astrologers look all the way back to 1957 and 1958 for the first stirrings of the EEC.  Others use the chart for 2009 when the EU gained greater autonomy from its member states.  I prefer the chart of 1993 for our current purposes, when the Single Europe Act was agreed upon.  We will also look at the chart when the euro was introduced and the separate currencies of the members states were phased out.

Let’s begin with transits to the chart of the EU itself.  The European Union is facing some very difficult transits from Saturn now through 2016.  Saturn is currently conjunct the EU Venus and will soon conjunct the EU Jupiter in early 2012.  The crisis is in full swing and a recession or worse is highly probable since Saturn conjunct Jupiter usually represents a time of contraction in financial markets, and demands restructuring of financial, and perhaps government institutions.

But Saturn will then conjunct the EU sun in Scorpio, bringing the the Union itself into question and perhaps demanding a restructuring that reduces the membership by cutting loose some members.  This phase of the crisis hits hardest in late 2012.  By 2014 Saturn conjuncts the EU Mercury, Mars and finally Pluto.

Saturn is especially difficult because while it demands and rewards practical restructuring and facing facts, it also causes stubborn refusal to compromise, clinging to the past, and a slow and one sided way of approaching problems.  The one step forward two steps back we’ve been seeing during this EU financial crisis is typical.  Expect these problems to drag out through a series of difficult and critical challenges.

Saturn conjunct Venus takes away much of the diplomacy and optimism of the EU and reduces the value of its money, hitting tourism hard.  Saturn conjunct Jupiter causes a serious contraction of the financial markets and finishes off what was left of optimism by late 2012.  Saturn conjunct Mercury around early 2014 causes impasses in communication and hardened positions, while suggesting infrastructure problems including breakdowns in communication.  Saturn conjunct Mars at least dampens down martial fervor, reducing the risk of war, but also suppresses the animal spirits recoveries depend on.  Energy is low.  And Saturn conjunct Pluto not long after threatens the very existence of the European Union.  At this point there will be either a radical restructuring or a catastrophic collapse.

With transiting Jupiter briefly opposing all these positions it isn’t easy for the EU’s partners in the world economy to do much to help the series of challenges.  If they become too involved they risk being pulled further into the maelstrom.  For the moment they can help forestall the worst of the crisis, but their power to do so ends by June 2012, as Saturn begins to conjunct the EU Jupiter commencing the real breakdown in the EU’s financial markets.

As for the Euro itself, transiting Pluto conjunct its sun and transiting Uranus square its sun signal the danger of a complete abandonment or radical restructuring of the currency is very real.  Although in a sense the worst part may have already happened, or at least it is well understood by the world community.    In mid 2012 a trine from transiting Jupiter helps to hold up the currency, but that won’t last long.  The midpoint of the crisis occurs in early 2013 but challenges persist until early 2016

In summary, from an astrological point of view the troubles of the EU are only starting.  Let’s hope that most of the challenges ahead are clearly seen and planned for with help and pressure from the world economy.  As Uranus squares Pluto seven times beginning June 24, 2012 the best case scenario is a deliberate step by step transformation of the EU toward a greater unity many seem to welcome.  But these aspects are so stressful it may be doubtful whether partisan opinions can be overcome, or that the will can be summoned to make the necessary reforms.  Even if they are made it will be a bumpy ride as they must be readjusted to meet new challenges that arise.  But the opportunities are as great as the risks.

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