God and Television

Did you ever think that we might be God’s TV?  Each of us is a show.  The ultimate reality show.

Like LBJ in the 1960’s, the first president with multiple televisions flickering in the Oval Office, God is watching every channel.

Perhaps sometimes God becomes particularly absorbed in one sublime story.  Or perhaps God likes to keep an eye on the big professional sports games on the weekend while merely glancing at the rest of us.

If as above so below God is probably as bored as the baby boomers who have been complaining since Pink Floyd about having an ever increasing number of channels of shit to choose from.

Hollywood makes it seem like most people want to view carnage and tragedy compulsively.  Hopefully that’s not what God likes to watch.  But God is probably like us and if nothing better is on action and carnage will do.

What if quality of life and the very survival of humanity depends on keeping God interested?  If God is bored too long could the TV switch off?

What is God?  This transpersonal invisible so many people seem to think is talking to them in every language under thousands of names.  Rilke’s invisible hand holding up everything falling.

Blavatsky used to say incarnate humans can have no idea of God because even the most sublime spiritual experiences are only the reflections of one’s own atman, what Paul Brunton called the Overself. As the old Hindu book says: two birds sit on a branch.  One eats.  The other watches.

And yet Bucke was able to compile thousands of years of witnesses to that moment of transcendental integration into the shining wholeness of being, that ultimate epiphany most humans sadly never hear of but artists and mystics ardently desire.

What is the momentary ecstasy at oblivion’s edge of getting deeply drunk?  What do connoisseurs of lust seek?  The pursuers of fame?  The glory of the universally celebrated sports champion?

Behind every such pursuit is the soul hunger for that oceanic feeling of oneness Freud myopically dismissed as a regression to the emotions of the womb.  No wonder his deviant nephew Eddie Bernays invented the public relations industry.  Eddie was the guy who figured out the way to sell cigarettes to women was to make smoking a symbol of independence.  A black comedy, to be sure.

Perhaps that ecstasy of standing outside yourself and yet inside everything is the moment when your show has captured God’s attention.  I don’t know what any of those words specifically mean.  But I do know this.  Once you’ve felt it, you want to feel it again.  You want to find out if it’s true that you can live in that way all the time.  When the ancient mystery schools promised to ripen souls, is this what they meant?

What is the game? A game so complete you can disappear into it completely to become the character you are playing.  Reminding the player that she is not the game means waking up to powers of awareness and patience, of serenity and wisdom, otherwise forgotten.