Neptune in Pisces

From Feb 3 2012 until 2026 Neptune will be in the sign Pisces.  Since Neptune rules the collective psyche this represents a significant shift in behavior and emotional atmosphere.

Neptune entered Aquarius in 1998, which began an eventful marriage between technology ruled by Aquarius and Neptune as the planet of mass fascination.  The internet grew exponentially.  It’s hard to believe how primitive early internet experiences like Prodigy and America Online were, when dial up modems made downloading a single picture an epic and time consuming challenge.  Now here at the end of Neptune’s sojourn in Aquarius, Facebook Timeline is the embodiment of Andy Warhol’s fifteen minutes.  Hit homemade YouTube videos get a billion views, reaching far more people than television shows.  The game industry is bigger than the movie business.  Almost everyone is busy promulgating his or her own myth online.  Some have disappeared into the personas they created, typical of Neptune’s escapism.

In Pisces Neptune enjoys the sign of its rulership.  The planet’s influence will become more powerful.  This is a happy bit of design since we are living with the rather violent square of Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, which have set past and future against each other as the powers that be attempt to protect and consolidate their dominance while a new generation (and elements of older ones) rebel, demanding a renewal of liberty and the right to be free of the old ways of doing things.

Let’s take a look at what happened last time Neptune transited through Pisces.  While fads always enchant audiences, this was a time when masses of people were swept up in enthusiasms that gripped entire nations.  In California the gold rush inspired dreams of quick riches and gold mines in South Africa and Australia added to the prevailing myth of traveling for quick riches.

While attendance at traditional churches soared, spiritualism had its humble beginning in a farmhouse where the Fox sisters seemed to have encountered the ghost of a murdered peddler.  Soon table tapping, seances, automatic writing and other means of communication with the dead became a popular obsession.  The spiritualist movement quickly evolved into a powerful force, transforming American christianity and American politics, essentially giving birth to the women’s rights movement, and empowering the abolitionists by swelling their ranks with new activists eager for a better future.  Harriot Tubman worked the underground railroad, freeing slaves during Neptune in Pisces.

Blavatsky traveled gaining her extensive repertoire of wisdom then shared her preoccupation with the infinite with the creation of the Theosophical Society which grew rapidly into a worldwide movement.  Los Angeles and San Francisco became cities, and ever since have inspired devotion and hatred beyond the norm for urban centers.  Darwin published the Origin of Species.  Civil war broke out in China while Italy was also fighting for independence.  A revolution in Hungary ousted the Austrians who had ruled there for generations.  Marx and Engels published The Communist Manifesto.

Lincoln was elected.  Soon the American Civil War began, reflecting the way that the spiritual controversies of Neptune in Pisces can turn into open conflict when Neptune enters Aries, the sign that shares its name with the ancient Greek god of war.

Melville’s Moby Dick and Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes debuted.  Charles Dickens was writing his masterpieces about the predicaments of the poor and the ridiculously rich.  After Neptune in Pisces ended and Neptune entered Aries, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Lewis Carroll and Jules Verne added their luster to the literary revolution.   Renoir, Monet and the other painters of the Impressionist school revealed their work.  Photographs were taken for the first time.  Levi-Strauss made the first blue jeans.  Light bulbs and telephones were only a few years away.

Flights of imagination, idealistic struggles for liberation, the flood of light about to be unleashed by light bulbs, the waves of communication about to be released by telephones, and those Neptune blue jeans so many people still treasure, are all apt symbols of Neptune in Pisces.

So what can we expect this time?  Neptune rules oil.  So the issue of oil will remain important as the age of petroleum man comes to a close.  The feeling that this era cannot be artificially extended will become stronger, perhaps due to weather and water, also ruled by Neptune.  Floods are probable and other extreme natural events associated with water and storms will undermine efforts to pretend fossil fuels are here to stay.  The phase out will be slow, of course.  But by the time Neptune is journeying through Aries alternate sources of energy should be in place, some of them involving technology as yet unknown to us.

The father of quantum physics, Max Planck was born with Neptune in Pisces.  Scientific discoveries and advancements that make our sense of reality blur are likely.  Experiments are already under way on teleportation, time travel, and extensive life extension.

Neptune in Pisces can cause delusions, addictions, scams, and mass confusion.  But it also increases empathy, encourages romantic love, and inspires mysticism and other almost inexplicable experiences to break up the rigid rationalized dogmas of organized religion.  A rebirth of the human imagination is on the way.  All the threads of our experience, all our arts, will now be gathered together into a gestation that will end in the birth of a new two hundred year cycle when Neptune enters Aries in 2026.

The world of film, music, art, and literature will continue to decentralize.  The old models of power focused in elites, political PACS, record companies, galleries, trend setting magazines, book publishers, film festivals have already been weakened by the power of the internet to personalize distribution.  The next generation of film makers, musicians, artists and writers will have little interest in participating in these old forms.  They will serve in the temples of their own imaginations.  A new audience for their efforts will evolve that finds its own ways of locating the geniuses that will not appear on silver platters presented by corporate sponsors.  As Neptune travels through Aries the new structures will be obvious to all.

For the United States specifically Neptune is the only good news astrologically.  Afflicted by one difficult planetary aspect after another the U.S., (and the E.U. and to a lesser degree China) must face a very difficult decade and a half on the way to America’s first Pluto return.  But all through the process Neptune beams happy influences on the U.S. natal chart.  The power of the imagination has never been more important, and America will become more involved in spirituality, another chapter of what was called the new age a generation ago but has always been an important part of our history: American Metaphysical Religion.   Think of it as Neptune in π-sees, pi, symbol of the infinite, as  simultaneous awareness of all the experiences that comprise being.  Cosmic consciousness is about to become popular again.  Seashells, too.

Let’s take a quick look at Neptune in Pisces as it may influence your sun sign.

Aries: You might feel a bit in limbo, a bit out of step, as you’re not terribly fond of the melancholy and maudlin emotions that usually accompany the ends of cycles.  You’ve enjoyed the opportunities Neptune in Aquarius gave you to be independent and to represent yourself.  Look forward to 2026 when Neptune’s spotlight is on you.  Take this time to refine your mission and skills by going with the flow.

Taurus: You will probably find this period more congenial than the last.  The frenzy of self expression of Neptune in Aquarius may have rubbed you the wrong way.  You prefer something more solid, even sentimental, than an avalanche of self promoting humanity.  You will enjoy the deep emotions of Neptune in Pisces, and you will find yourself more inspired than you’ve been of late.

Gemini: Most likely you’ve enjoyed the ever expanding chaos of the internet as it has given you unprecedented resources for finding information and communicating to your heart’s content.  You may be annoyed by Neptune in Pisces, as the pace slows down somewhat and most people embrace a deeper experience of life, less time on the internet, more soul searching.  Go with the flow, if you fight it you’ll only make yourself miserable.  Realize the depth offered to you will make your information gathering and communications more satisfying.  Don’t get sucked into self delusion or allow yourself to be scammed.

Cancer: You may have felt somewhat out of step since 1998.  While so many rushed their home bases onto the internet you never felt quite as comfortable with the loss of privacy.  You may have felt that you were being left out of the exciting developments, but at the same time you suspected most of what was wowing everyone was just silly fad after silly fad.  Well, rejoice, you will find this new cycle much more to your taste, as inspiration flows more easily, and the world seems to care about the things you care about.

Leo: What a relief the end of Neptune in Aquarius is for you.  More than once since 1998 you’ve found yourself standing in the fog wondering which direction is forward.  You’ve been hustled, you’ve wondered if you are a good judge of character, you’ve had to sacrifice at times, and in ways, that caught you off guard.  You might still feel a bit out of step, your true rebirth into agreement with the way of the world must wait till 2026, but now you can focus on creativity, and be reassured there will be fewer unpleasant surprises and confusing challenges to face.

Virgo: You’re about to go through what your Leo friends have struggled with since 1998.  Be careful of self delusion.  Avoid addictions.  Don’t let yourself get scammed or hustled.  You will probably be quite irritated at times with the irrational and oceanic feelings of Neptune in Pisces.  You’ve been a bit out of step since 1998.  Aspects of the internet please you greatly but so much of it seems useless to you, not to mention foolhardy.  Why give away so much?  Why expose so much?  You’re now being given the opportunity to experience spiritual transformation.  You could have great revelations, but they are likely to arise in ways that seem to oppose you, at first.  You probably don’t like to be told go with the flow, it seems like a meaningless cliche, but going with the flow is exactly what you must learn to do now.

Libra: You’ve been able to find your groove as Neptune in Aquarius may have been a bit overwhelming but you could still pick out the right spots for your partnerships and your self expression.  You may feel a bit out of step during Neptune in Pisces as different areas of your life seem to take apparently unconnected trajectories.  Look for the balance between them.  They are not as unconnected as they seem.  If you can integrate them you will find a greater depth in your life and your work.

Scorpio: Your passion for privacy and respect for the power of selective secrecy was challenged by Neptune in Aquarius which demanded that everyone reveal themselves online.  You enjoyed the enhanced ability to observe and analyze, is spy too strong a word?  But you discovered that when you spy on the internet you’re usually being spied on, too.  Such frustrations are ending now.  You will find this new cycle much more to your liking.  Prepare to explore the depths of spirituality and culture.

Sagittarius: Gregarious you probably had a good time during Neptune in Aquarius as everyone poured online in one big party where you could brag, socialize, hook up and otherwise practice your freedom to your heart’s content.  You may find the next fourteen years somewhat irritating as sentimentality, emotions, and fin de siecle moodiness take over the arts, entertainment and the mass psyche.  But this challenge to go with the flow can be a creative time for you, a time when you deepen your understanding and refine your skills.  In 2026 the good times will be even better.

Capricorn: you have probably navigated Neptune in Aquarius with your usual aplomb.  You’re too organized and self contained to join any mass enthusiasm for more than the amount of time it takes you to understand and judge it.  You have perhaps turned up your nose at the stampede to self presentation since 1998, and you may have been heard lamenting the loss of quality that results when everyone is an artist and the filters of quality have failed, outdated, and undermined by croneyism.  You’ll find the next fourteen years much more supportive of your point of view.  You can help bring organization to the overwhelming waves of feeling of Neptune in Pisces, but first you have to learn to flow so you can ride the waves.

Aquarius: you may now officially step down from the hot seat.  You have taken a ride of amazing inspiration that may have dissolved many of the fondest beliefs, and relationships, you had in 1998.  Attracting the weird, did you yourself become peculiar?  Many Aquarians found religion or floated intoxicated all decade long.  Did you get scammed?  Did you misjudge people?  Have you begun to wonder if you’re ever right about anything?  Have your psychic hunches become stronger, your dreams more vivid?  Perhaps you’re exhausted after all this.  You may find the deep water of Neptune in Pisces soothing.  Soak in the meditation, read the flow to find out who you’ve become.  All the experience and inspiration you’ve been gathering can now be quietly put to use.  You’re going to plant all those seeds you gathered and when Neptune enters Aries in 2026 you may find yourself surrounded by quite a splendid garden.  People then could be saying that you saw what was about to happen before anyone else did.

Pisces: Don’t be frightened by what Aquarians just went through.  Their ruling planet Uranus isn’t a good match for Neptune.  Both dissolve old structures but Aquarians prefer the vivid lightning strike to the slow work of waves.  You on the other hand are about to have your ruling planet in your sign.  This will be an intoxicating fourteen years for you.  You’ve been off to the side, waiting with an increasing sense of anticipation, feeling that obvious endings were afoot but unsure of what comes next.  The door opens Feb 3, 2012 and you get to walk through into a world custom built for your instincts.  You should be careful of self deception, of hustlers, you may be picking up so much from people you can’t judge them safely.  So be cautious.  But of all the signs you’re the best at going with the flow, and Neptune in Pisces is The Flow.



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