New Year’s Eve Astrology 2012

Dec 30 Sun conjuncts Pluto, a death-rebirth aspect that can cause power struggles, destructive outbursts, breakdowns that need repair, but also regeneration and shedding of old habits that hold you back instead of helping you.  Later that morning Sun sextile Saturn moderates the process, providing a little extra patience and endurance.

Dec 31 Mercury enters Capricorn, perhaps more dour and somber than Mercury in Sagittarius, but instead of becoming depressed by reality, enjoy the opportunity to understand the structures of your relationships and missions more carefully.  Work hard, be willing to give up your fond illusions, and Capricorn will reward you by making you effective and efficient.  Instead of day dreaming you can begin your climb.

The evening of Dec 31 Mars sextile Uranus gives opportunities for action, for application of will power, and desire, in new, perhaps unexpected ways.  Liberating breakthroughs can happen, but these opportunities are easily missed if you refused to believe you can be free.  A few hours later the same night Mercury sextile Neptune gives inspiration and fantasy a boost.  The sweet talk is sweeter.

This combination of intoxicated communication and the release of pent up desire for freedom may launch some romances.  Artists and musicians, instead of only partying give yourself a few moments to create something beautiful and inspiring, or at least be open to those images, melodies, or sentences that seem to spontaneously drop in to your mind at this time.