No Form

The lesson at the heart of kung fu.
The most treasured secret of ancient Egypt.
The philosopher’s stone of the magus.
The rose of the Rosicrucians.
The key to the mystery of the Tao.
The hidden power of yoga
and of the masters of the way of tea.

To live with reverence in every moment.
To live with awareness of danger.
To respect the golden mean.
To recognize the necessary extreme.
To cultivate the force of truth.
To practice the power of silence.

Just standing where and when you are.
Ready for the arrival of any challenge
already looking everywhere for answers.
Eager enthusiasm for life is the natural
outcome of awakening the soul.

Here we cling to form.
Form clings to us.
To its beauties we fly.
From it’s terrors we flee.

From the ocean of dreams we rise
trailing misunderstood fragments–
seaweed in the hair of Aphrodite.