Pluto in Capricorn

 Pluto in Capricorn

Take this with a grain of salt.  Astrology is a science for poets: metaphor sneaking around with mathematics.  Like the Bible, astrology can drive you crazy if you surrender free will and become addicted to constant guidance.  Astrology is a conversation with the heavens. A map of shifting possibilities, not an infallible oracle.  There is no doom in astrology.  Only the spectrum of choices.  Your good choice may be someone else’s bad choice.  Hard aspects can have happy results.  Happy aspects can disappoint.

What is Pluto in astrology?  Pluto is generational.  For example, Barack Obama is our first modern president born with Pluto in Virgo.

Unlike the generation born with Pluto in Leo exemplified by Bill Clinton and George Bush, this new political generation will be more like managers than politicians.  Quiet so far in world history, though made up of movers and shakers from Madonna to Steve Jobs, the Pluto in Virgo generation has the right skills to navigate these rough waters with a detached attention to the common good and common sense.  Transiting Pluto in Capricorn trines the Pluto in Virgo generation for the next twelve years smiling on their efforts.

Pluto in Cancer the generation of Bush Sr., Ronald Reagan, FDR, Hitler, the WW2 generation, the “greatest Generation,” were nationalistic, insular, suspicious of liberties, frequently conformist.  Of course they produced brilliant exceptions like Gertrude Stein and Allen Ginsberg.  A generation devoted to mother and family.  Brittle wholesomeness at surface, treacherous sensitivity underneath.  Inhibition hand in hand with censorship and suppression.  Yet capable of phenomenal acts of self sacrifice and compassion.

Their children, the Leo generation, brought welcome sunshine after the gloom of the moon. Boomers grew up individualistic, cosmopolitan, rebellious, extroverted.  Pluto in Leo is sun sign Leo Mick Jagger in his prime.  To shine like the sun, to prowl like a lion, to be adored means more to them than the big picture.

About a week ago Pluto entered Capricorn where it will stay for twelve years.  Pluto describes more than a generation.  It describes the world that generation will face.  Times when the world seems against them.  Times when the world seems to unlock every door on the path to success.

Pluto in Scorpio 1984-1996 began snakelike in the depths of Ronald Reagan’s America when Prince ruled the entertainment world.  Cocaine, big hair, greed is good, the story began.

Half way through, Scorpio took wing like an eagle, Clinton was elected and the internet boom began.  It seemed the world was changing for the better.

Grunge replaced hair metal and Kurt Cobain with his intimations of Keats replaced Axel Rose as the symbol of dark and deep animus.  A feminine friendly archetype imprinted a few years worth of teens.  Hip hop opened the eyes of the world to life in American gbettoes and rosy cheeked boys in Mt. Shasta flashed gang signs (and probably still do).

Out from under the eagle wing also came a couple phoenixes called riot grrrl and dykecore.  Bona-fide countercultural movements of young female writers, musicians and artists who liberated thousands of themselves, completely without corporate, government or familial participation.  It seemed the world was truly going to change forever as a generation of girls woke to demand an end to the rape culture.  News spread like wildfire first flying from copy machines in parent’s offices or on Kinko’s machines jimmied with 7/11 scoop straws then by emails and websites.

But then came 1996.  Where Scorpio was all about water, female, deep dark depths and revealed secrets of sex and death, Sagittarius enters horse hung and full of charismatic bullshit swagger.  The sky is the limit!  There are no borders or boundaries!  Sports rule! Kurt was dead.  Limp Bizkit ruled the airwaves.  Jocks could safely mosh again.  1996 brought the Gingrich revolution that tied Bill Clinton’s hands, for better or worse.  The set up for the appointment of President George W. Bush.

Flying planes into airplanes is a Sagittarius kind of fanaticism.  Bullshitting one’s way into redefining innocence so as to allow mass murder of children cuts both ways.  Who knows who threw the first stone?  But no one can mistake the profligate boastful display of nations and terrorist organizations pounding each other like teams on the football field.

Here at the end of Pluto in Sagitarrius rock bands are less popular than the video game Rock Band.  Kids become popular by playing Guitar Hero instead of playing guitar; the first two lines of Guy Debord’s masterpiece The Society of the Spectacle personified: “In societies dominated by modern conditions of production, life is presented as an immense accumulation of spectacles.  Everything that was directly lived has receded into a representation.”

Such skilled bullshitting, the bullshitters bullshitted themselves.  They invented financial instruments even they couldn’t understand, and now the world trembles wondering what happens when the CDS and CDO and all the other trillion dollar crises finally unravel.

February 2019 to January 2025 America will experience it’s first Pluto return, the moment when Pluto returns to the place in the heavens it occupied when America was born.

For those who stick to how it used to be Pluto brings the ugliest experiences.  The fear of a too rapidly changing world that forces most whites over fifty to vote republican, will only become worse.  Imprisonment, illness, even death are Pluto’s ultimate threats.  Forced destruction of orders that outlived their time.

But the other side of death is rebirth.  As the past is surrendered the future arrives with fresh energy and new wonders.  That is the gift of Pluto.  For those who seek to embrace change Pluto can be a joyful experience.  Liberation so complete it inspires awe and gratitude.

That America elected Barack Obama is astrologically speaking a very hopeful sign. Embracing the candidate whose very slogan was change but more than that overlooking the superficialities of his race and name demonstrates change at a deeper level.

Pluto in Capricorn may bring the ultimate “practicality” of martial law.  It could still mean wrenching poverty unlike current generations have ever seen, the wasteland of Saturn.  But it can also mean rising to the challenge and creating unimaginable new opportunities for prosperity achieved by practicality, hard work, dedication to common sense and the common good.  Ethics will no longer be a liability.  Fools will not be so easily suffered.

Because of the internet, which has accelerated the union of all investors into one bicameral mind reacting to news worldwide, the financial crisis of 2008 unfolded with unprecedented rapidity.

Politically, it has become impossible to pull off Karl Rove style tactics without suffering their exposure on YouTube.  All the secret chicanery of the Sagittarius years will come pouring out.  Sagittarian enthusiasm is turning from hiding the bullshit to confessing it.  One would expect that the confessionm too, is exaggerated and therefore against all appearances and rumors things may not be as bad as they seem.

Capricorn is usually an honest sign, a practical sign, a sign of respectable ambition.  Sure the goat is horny.  Think Elvis. (A Capricorn sun sign but born with mom-loving Pluto in Cancer).  He could be so outrageous and wrong yet always that odd decorum, that residual decency.  What begins dark, depressed, deprived in Capricorn climbs step by step to achieve worldly dominion.

Obama, almost orphan, of no race, growing up on food stamps, incarnated the archetype on Inauguration Day.  Father love will be as pronounced as mother love was when Pluto was in Cancer.  Hard work is necessary.  Hard reality must be faced.  Impersonal mistakes will be made.  But if you had to have a new sign for Pluto during this worldwide mess, Capricorn is where you’d want it to be.

In 2023 Pluto enters Aquarius.  By the time we get well into that cycle we will likely look back on these times as quaint and somewhat barbaric.  Breakthroughs in medicine, life extension, and other scientific and technological pursuits will transform our world into something not necessarily better than driving a GTO a hundred miles an hour down the empty Santa Monica Freeway, as a neighbor of mine says he did every Saturday night in 1969.  Read Jarreau’s Radical Evolution for glimpses of 2030.  It will sharpen your appreciation for current luxuries, like the illusion of privacy.

Individual sign predictions based on Pluto transits are so general as to be ludicrous. So here are some ludicrous generalizations.

After a decade feeling completely out of step but with that whiff of destiny of being next up to bat, Capricorns will personify the changes we all face.  Pluto is knocking on your door, Capricorn.  Please don’t hurt yourself or us.  Go out and change the world.

Aquarians must resist the urge to long for the good times gone when the stock markets never dropped and optimism was the down payment on a house.  Their futuristic POV partnered nicely with the deregulated Bullshit Olympics of the last twelve years.  Having Saturn as your co-ruler means you can dig into the new atmosphere if you’re willing to be practical about the future.  Pay attention to all the lessons Capricorn offers, since you’re on the hot seat next.

Pisces will find the next twelve years more to their liking than the last twelve.  A bit chilly and paternal perhaps, but more functional and logical.  Their emotions will seem to fit the world better.

Aries like to fight, so they’ll enjoy fighting the stuffy paternalism of the new Capricorn order. In 2010 when Uranus began a whole new cycle in Aries the arrival of the Occupy Movement became a certainty! Aries will demand liberty, freedom, the future.

Taureans will find the next decade goes more smoothly than the last, which was creative but sometimes disjointed, and lacking the stability Taureans appreciate.  Now things make more sense.  Put your plans to work.

Many Geminis were overwhelmed by grinding fate at some point in the last twelve years. They found themselves unable to follow all that Sagittarius hot air, and a Gemini who can’t follow the conversation is an unhappy Gemini.  Death rebirth was the theme.  Now it’s on to at first disjointed but nevertheless creative new frontiers.

Cancerians can look to their Gemini friends for some indication of what to expect.  In some area of life your Gemini friend experienced the death of an old order and the birth of something new.  They probably talked your ear off about it.  What they were trying to say is: embrace the change.

Leos found many opportunities to shine in the last twelve years.  The world may have run off like an out of control horse but it still made sense to the Leos.  They could lead the way or lead the protest.  Now they find themselves somewhat out of step, but the friction is good for their creativity.

Virgos at last find the reasonable, managerial, just the facts ma’am environment they have so longed for.  This is a time for Virgos to excel as the new wave of change is a natural ride for them.  The last twelve years must have been terribly annoying for this ethics and practicality loving sign.

Libras might find the next twelve years a bit chilly.  The last twelve flowed fairly smoothly and opportunities arose for Libras who paid attention to them.  But the new environment will be more challenging, demanding more hard work and more creativity.  Don’t take change as a threat, instead find the opportunity in it.

Scorpios will enjoy the next twelve years if they look for opportunities and willingly relinquish regrets and resentments.  Most Scorpios pursued their own ends while the Pluto in Sagittarius world blew up it was at least a relief not be in the eye of the storm of change anymore, as Scorpios were from 1984-1996.

Sagittarius I hope you enjoyed the ride.  Hopefully you emerge from it a new human being. Your best qualities to the forefront.  You’re off the hot seat.  You’ll miss the heady optimism, the wide open frontier town of the last decade, but you’re probably ready for a little time off.