Solar Meditation

Sit comfortably in the sun with eyes open or closed.
Afternoon or morning are best.
Once the meditation is natural it can be experienced
so quickly more intense hours of sunlight
can be experimented with but not too often.

Feel the warmth of the sun.
With open eyes look at the world sparkling with reflected light.
If eyes are closed light still shines through the eyelids.

Reflect on the fact that our planet and everything on it
all matter in the solar system, came from the sun.
The eyes with which we see light and the light itself are from the sun.

Our bodies and everything around us are from the sun,
existing within the sun’s light and magnetism.

All the beauty we see comes from the sun
it grows and survives because of the sun
we see it because of the light of the sun.

We have a mind and so does the sun.
As we feel the body of the sun warm our bodies
we can feel the mind of the sun clear our thoughts with reason,
the ability to know more deeply, the cobweb clearing power of logic.

We have an emotional center we symbolize as the heart,
so does the sun and we feel the sun’s heart in our own as insight, intuition,
presentiments and the other experiences
of spontaneous realization of subtle structures and deep affinities.

What is the difference between soul and spirit?
The sun has both.
This is not sun worship
it is gratitude in the face of the mystery
of our being for which there is no better symbol.

If you gaze at the sun too long you will go blind.
Although it saturates every aspect of our being,
this unknown refuses definition.

Feel the soul of the sun shining on your soul
words are almost useless when describing these mysteries:
the healing, the true calling, recovery of your mission,
discoveries, identity, and most of all love
these are the gifts of the soul of the sun.

Of the spirit of the sun
to be
harmony, eternity, ecstasy
to live free truly
with creativity that performs as skillfully
as healthy cells in a human body
the concord of community
and unity since what we all are somehow
started with the star we call our sun