Summer Storm: Aspects June-Sept 2012

Summer this year promises to be stressful.

June 24-25 commences the festivities with the first of two Uranus Pluto squares, Jupiter square Neptune, and Saturn stationary direct, followed on June 29 by Sun opposing Pluto, and Sun square Uranus.  Frustration, protest, confusion, financial volatility, disruptions, and the impact of hard facts, themes that will build intensity until the end of June.  Uranus square Pluto is already applying and we’ll be living with this aspect through the end of 2012.  Much more than a power struggle, more than a major uptick in impatience and even fanaticism, this aspect is about tearing down the old order.  On the Uranus side the 21st century is ready to gain ascendance, while Pluto represents the well entrenched old order destroying itself in a vain effort to resist change.  Find this dichotomy in your personal life.  Freedom is your reward for working with these energies instead of against them.  New power structures, new techniques, new leaders will benefit if their vision is sound and their action fearless and for the common good.  Communication and relaxation, meditation, and clarity are your best allies.  Major adjustments are being made in the way the world works, if you have already come to terms with this, you will do better than those who try to force the old ways of doing things.

Jupiter square Neptune indicates a temptation to overindulge in escapism.  While this could be an opportunity to expand your spiritual life, to explore the mysteries of your soul, it’s also an invitation to illusion and a danger of being hustled into spending more than you can afford, monetarily or energetically.  With Saturn stationary retrograde the same day the consequences could be more drastic than might otherwise be expected.  This is a good time to meditate on the path of your life, a good time to be circumspect.  Regeneration, a deeper connection between soul and mind, a more realistic freedom can be yours if you put in the work to develop your best potential.

July 14 Mercury retrograde (until August 7) begins the day after Uranus goes stationary retrograde and the same day Sun squares Saturn.  Take this opportunity for some sober reflection on the lessons that need to be learned.  Learning them now will make the rest of summer easier.  Work hard to see yourself and your world more clearly, understand what’s going on under the surface.

July 17-18 Mars square Pluto, Mars opposes Uranus, a warlike configuration.  Politics will become uglier, more hostile.  Acting out, impulsively lashing out are not the way to go.  Impatience and lust for results will trip up the rash.  The best application is to clarify your needs and goals, streamline and renew your approach to life.  Working for the common good will fare better than demanding your share at the expense of others.  The end of July lightens up with some nice Mercury aspects, another chance to think, communicate, and create your way to a revelation, or at least a clearer picture of your trajectory in life and how you can adjust it.

August 15 Venus opposes Pluto, Mars conjuncts Saturn, and Venus squares Uranus all on one eventful Wednesday.  Rude awakenings, the true nature of your limits, postponed success, and continued hostility, especially in relationships.  Creativity can be refined if you don’t take the setbacks personally.  The intent here is to get rid of what you’ve outgrown, to renew yourself, and find a more direct, correct and current relationship with life.

September 18 the Uranus Pluto square becomes exact again.  Real politik vs. the demand for a new improved world right now.  Politics makes clear the divide.  What this is really about is getting rid of the outdated systems and beliefs of the 20th century and giving a good start to the 21st century way of doing things, though it’s anybody’s call which side wins in the near term, ultimately those defending the way things used to be will find disruptions and collapses.  Remember that brutal Pluto station from February till just a few days ago?  How certain issues just kept grinding away and it felt like time stopped moving, or it moved, but the world, especially your problems, stayed frozen?  Well on Sept 18 Pluto is stationary direct adding extra force to the square this time.  The good news is Pluto’s moving faster now.

In some ways the U.S presidential election is decided by mid September.  Mercury goes retrograde that day, with Neptune slowing down to stationary direct the following weekend.  Confusion may reign, accusations of fraud will proliferate, (hello Florida) but you don’t need to read the stars for that revelation!