I was a wild animal before my teachers found me.  I have had teachers young and old, of every race and most religions, of both genders and of genders in between.

Among my teachers are the famous and some all but forgotten.  The famous are preserved in their own words, happily, but more than one has been presented to posterity in disfigured displays produced by those without the experience or education to do better.  A predicament they predicted.

I plan to write about them. I hope to share luminous moments of my personal experiences. Not because great human beings deserve the hushed tones of sanctification.  Because humans who are capable of such breath taking moments of soulfulness deserve to have those moments recorded by witnesses.

At the present time I will not name these teachers.  Their names didn’t matter as they themselves taught.

I don’t promise regularity in providing you with these memories. I expect it will take time to do justice to each.  For now it is enough to thank them for giving me a life worth living.