The Pagan Pilgrim: America’s 1st Foreclosure

He was the first man banned in Boston.  He was the first American foreclosed on by a company.  He was the first American to publish a fart joke, and the first American to publish a dick joke.  He was also the first American accused of being a traitor.  He’s the first bad neighbor throwing a wild party in recorded American history.  His name was Thomas Morton, but he would have wanted us to call him Tom.

Tom adopted aspects of the local native culture. He intended to convert them but he thought a better way than bullets was giving them salt, so they could preserve meat, and give up their nomadic lifestyle of hunting. He hoped his experiment in freedom would grow to include all the locals, native and European, everyone was invited. Anyone, native or colonist, who joined him Tom called partner. Jamestown, that cannibal village, had required a stockade with cannon and formidable walls. But Ma-re Mount didn’t even need a fence.

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