The Unobstucted Way


If life after death is a fact, wouldn’t our favorite activities somehow unconsciously resemble it?  Wouldn’t we symbolize the truth over and over again, remembering but not recognizing that we’re remembering?

We love to become motionless consciousness.  Consuming experiences vicariously, like the dead observing the living, we watch movies or TV shows, feeling the tension of the story as if we were in it.  We absorb information posted online by our friends, secret observers of other lives.  Of course, profiles rarely reflect the reality of meeting in person, since many of us use our online personas to act out aspects of our personalities, trying out other ways of being. Some of us have lived many online incarnations.

We play video games where we become alternate personalities that learn level to level then die.  Our heroes are actors who like symbolic reincarnating spirits inhabit successive identities in movies, or athletes who perform feats of speed, strength and agility that seem to defy the ordinary laws of bodies.

Consider the symbolism every time we get in a car.  The inhabiting consciousness enters the rigid vehicle, inert without the driver, that allows for an extended journey through the material world.  A car can be an identity, but no car lasts a lifetime, so like a spirit giving up its body there’s a trade in.

A thousand years ago when it took many months to cross continents and oceans, mystics claimed that spirits could travel around the world in seconds.  Now we can send our thoughts around the world wide web in seconds.  We can fly across oceans or to the moon or Mars.  All the powers said to be ours in the world of the dead we are replicating as best we can.  We’re working on immortality in our laboratories.  We want to transfer consciousness and identity to cyborgs or somewhere out into the digital cloud.  To use the terminology of the Invisibles we are trying to make our obstructed world resemble the unobstructed.  But what about experiencing the unobstructed ourselves?

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