U.S. Economy Astrology Aspects

I offer this look at U.S. astrological transits with the warning that astrologers usually overreact to stellar influence.  Sometimes the most dramatically intimidating aspects become symbolized by small events.  No one can predict how the sum total of all our intentions and efforts will combine to make up our next collective moment in time.  I’d like to see detailed analysis by other astrologers of this unusual cluster of aspects leading up to the U.S. Pluto return.

First let’s look at Saturn.  The US went through a Saturn return which was exact when the rating downgrade took place.  Saturn returns are a reality check.  The Saturn return is over now.  So is the Saturn square the US Sun another depressing and constricting aspect.  However transiting Saturn squares the US Mercury beginning Oct 2011 through Oct 2012.  This causes breakdowns in communications, in communication infrastructure and depressed state of mind in general.  There is little energy to think through challenges, instead there is a sense of them grinding on endlessly.

Worse, transiting Saturn squares the US Pluto from Oct 2011 to Nov 2012.  We can expect widespread extreme hostility all the way up to the election.  Breakdowns in infrastructure.  The mood will swing even more toward implementing austerity as depressed and angry leaders and their constituents try to forestall what they feel is the doom of the American economy and way of life, but this stubbornness will hurt as much as it helps.  Summer 2012 will see the midpoint of the crisis.  At best restructuring of our massive debt is forced through, at worst, and more probably, gridlock prevents any action, risking a more severe crisis down the line.


Uranus rules unexpected disruptions good and bad.  Futuristic technology on the one hand and sudden breakdowns no one saw coming on the other.  Transiting Uranus will be following Pluto’s path of destruction begun in 2008 revisiting crisis points.  Opportunities for quick fixes but also the likelihood of major upsets.  This pattern is similar to what happened during the Great Depression, although Pluto in Capricorn (instead of Cancer) promises a more pragmatic less nationalistic response by world governments.

Uranus squares the US Venus from now till May 2012 and then again from Sept 2012 to March 2013.  Women’s rights suffer further setbacks.  The arts, film industry, music industry continue to suffer disruptions caused by new technology and piracy.  Venus rules money so the dollar and the US economy will continue to be volatile.  Tourism suffers, as does the general feeling of well being among US citizens.  For the lucky few there will be chances to jump start the next paradigm but they will also face a volatile environment.

From now Jan 2012-May 2013, then again from Sept 2013 to March 2014 transiting Uranus squares the US Jupiter.  The cracks opened in 2008 by Pluto cause fissures of disruption to the US economy and financial institutions.  Unexpected challenges arise. While the threat does not have the whiff of ultimate doom Pluto brought, the volatility and suddenness of repeated crises are possible.  Essentially a new economy and new institutions are being born while the old economy and institutions break down.  Sudden loss of wealth is a real danger for anyone wed to the old paradigm while fortunes can be made for those who are there at the start of the new way of doing things.

Uranus square the U.S. sun brings further crisis in leadership from Mar 2013-Jan 2016.  Voters will continue to throw out incumbents, wildly gyrating from one extreme to the other as they seek a new and more modern way of doing things.  Corporate CEOs will face concerted opposition from sectors devoted to futuristic perspectives.  The mood of the nation will be erratic and volatile.


Neptune provides the only good news, giving what could be described as spiritual support, or an unconscious sentiment that helps to counter some of the challenges the other planets indicate.  From now until Feb 2015, and from Sept 2015 to Jan 2016 Neptune supports the US Venus.  We will likely see a rebirth of feminism and women and their supporters mobilize to protect their rights.  The dollar continues to have a sentimental safe haven status despite the disruptions and volatility indicated by the other planets.  In the arts spiritual content and self less free distribution are favored and rewarded, any whiff of self interest invokes harsh judgement.

Neptune trines the US Jupiter from Feb 2012-Oct  2012, and again from Dec 2012 to April 2016.  This further supports the emotional safe haven status of the dollar and US market despite the dangerous volatility that will be caused by Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.  The American myth continues to work against the impatience, hostility and depression indicated by the other transits, as the population of America and the world hopes against hope that relief by way of the US is just around the corner and since belief is reality in today’s market…  An interest in the psychic and spiritual greatly expands as a way to deal with the continuing stress.

Neptune trines the US sun from Mar 2015-Sept 2015, then again from Jan 2016-Mar 2020.  Faith in the myth of America will help to counteract some of the hostility directed at US leadership, and helps to buoy the depressed emotions of the American ego.  In a sense these planetary transits taken together suggest that the hardships over the next decade are intended to drive Americans towards a more spiritual way of life, a deeper connection to the psychic, mystical, and religious.


The planet of death and rebirth has been opposed the US Venus, causing havoc to women’s rights, the arts and the US currency and economy since 2008.  This opposition is ending now though there will be another whiff of it in Sep 2012.  In 2012 we should expect to see some of the rebirth side of this transit, with a renewed interest in women’s rights and the arts, but in a different 21st century perspective.

Pluto opposing the US Jupiter brought immediate financial calamity and the whiff of doom to US financial and government institutions beginning in fall 2008.  This aspect was exact  in July 2011, and again in Aug 2011, but was somewhat counterbalanced by transiting Jupiter sextile the US Jupiter.  The good news is the last of the exact oppositions is over.  The bad news is that the support from transiting Jupiter ends in Jan 2012 but the Pluto opposition US Jupiter continues through Dec 2013, with another crisis point in fall 2012.

Making matters worse, Pluto opposes the U.S. Sun from Jan 2012 to March 2016, then again from Jan 2017 to Jan 2018.  The widespread discontent with the president, congress and leadership in general, and the beating the US ego is taking, have only begun.  The next several elections will be very ugly, with extreme hostility on both sides, and widespread disgust with the results, or lack of results.  Calls for political reform will be everywhere with little agreement about how to accomplish it.  The US will be in a warlike mood, aggressive actions are possible, as are natural disasters or terrorist attacks that strike to the core of the US ego.  Crisis in China may be related to the challenges of this aspect.

When Pluto opposes the US Mercury from 2017-2024 collapses of infrastructure such as bridges, transportation, and digital communications are likely.  At this time a concerted effort to rebuild America will be forced into action.  Of course many of these dire scenarios can be avoided since they are out in the open, but action has to be taken before they develop into crisis.

From Feb 2019-2025 the Pluto return of the US occurs.  This is a challenge to the very core of US values and self identity as the country must come to grips with its karma and heritage.  We could see the birth of a full blown police state, or the renunciation of the police state and a withdrawal from the worldwide empire.  It could even indicate a complete breakdown and restructuring of the political system.  This will be a time to beware of demagogues and mass movements advocating some form of coercion to revitalize America. This could be a time of great wealth and power for the U.S., since Pluto rules great wealth, and this is a conjunction, not a square or an opposition.   Or it may simply be a time when repairs and reforms rule the day.  In any event, the decisions being made now, personally and collectively, will decide how these aspects play out.  I suspect a Pluto return might be similar to a Saturn return, rewarding those who have stayed faithful to their finest potential, and punishing those who have not.

Perhaps Neptune and Uranus bring transformations in technology, inspiration, genius, and a willingness to make the necessary changes, before the worst potential of these aspects can be realized.  These will be interesting times!

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