Uranus square Pluto – Sept. 29, 2012

Tomorrow brings an extraordinary astrological alignment.  I’ve been telling you about the series of seven Uranos square Pluto aspects over five years, beginning with this year (two down five to go).  Saturday the moon will be conjunct Uranus and square Pluto.  You will be able to feel emotionally, and perhaps in your body, and certainly in your relationships, how this aspect will impact your life.  Also the sun will square Pluto and oppose Uranus.  That’s a T-square, kids.  A wonderful opportunity to really understand the meaning of this aspect for you personally.

Have any issues flared up for you recently?  Long standing conflicts and obstructions due for release make themselves very visible and palpable.  You may feel overwhelmed by them but this is actually a good time to set your navigation and liberate yourself.  Power plays, sudden blurts of disruptive communication, acting out from the depths of your troubled past, explosive refusal to put up with situations you have found increasingly intolerable, are all possible.

Look to your compulsions, your fears, your most overpowering urges for hints about the changes that need to happen in your life.  Violent action, metaphorical or literal, is not necessary.  This five years series of squares is not about our personal lives only, it’s about a major adjustment in society.  Some view this as the awakening of higher consciousness.  Others fear it will bring breakdown and chaos.  Both are possible.  The outcome depends on whether we work with the energy and embrace necessary reforms, or resist it with all our might.  To quote the poet, resistance is futile.  The two planets most ruthless in forcing change may be in an aspect of friction, but both are pushing for transformation with irresistible might.

There seems to be much fear of a stock market crash around these aspects.  The crash that occurred in 2008 was very predictable since Pluto moved from hot air endless expansion go go go Sag to just the facts ma’am truth or consequences Capricorn, arguably the most violent shift of energies between two signs in the zodiac.  While we can expect continued market volatility, and for much longer than this square lasts, since the U.S. is headed for a Pluto Return in the 2020’s, I urge you not to fall down the rabbit hole of living in financial fear due to planetary aspects.  Make whatever adjustments you must to feel safer, certainly, but many astrologically minded people have bound themselves to uncertainty and limited their potential by waiting for crisis.  Some almost seem to be wishing for it.  That, my friends, says more about your personal life and the lessons you need to learn than it does about the prevailing trends of the world’s economic markets.

This aspect can act as a whirlpool that pulls people into fearful stagnation.  Don’t wake up years from now wondering why you wasted precious time on apprehension and anxiety.  To use this aspect for its best potential be creative, face your own fears, embrace the liberation offered.  Don’t cower, throw off your shackles instead.

So what’s your mission?  You may find it is different than you originally suspected.  Welcome enlightenment now.  Make the necessary adjustments and you may actually enjoy yourself.